Baba Voss S3

This season's Armour was also inspired by feudal Japanese culture.

Maghra Queen of Paya

Here is just a very small glimpse of what we created for this character.

All items were hand-stitched, hand-embellished & made from scratch.

Tamacti Jun

Tamacti's Jun's 1st chest plate, is inspired from the Mandala, a mystical geometric symbol represents the all-encompassing universe, it also represents unity & the circle of life, which Tamacti Jun finds difficult to complete, for himself/own death, and the deaths he caused of others and the guilt that now comes of these actions. He wears this with his original arm chainmail, as a nod to where he once came from in the past. On the back of the plate are more echos of Mandalas in a faint gold paint.

Tamacti Jun’s 2nd chest-plate, is embellished with the symbols of an Astrolabe and a Sextant.
As he was a man whose whole life was to navigate & lead his army to where it needed to be, I thought it was befitting for him to wear this, as now Commander in Chief, of Maghra’s army.
Originally, in the Ancient Greece, the astrolabe was used to calculate astronomical positions. It was, in effect, a handheld model of the Universe. In the medieval Islamic world, it was used as an instrument of navigation, some versions even made of wood. The first known brass one was known to be from Portugal in the 11th century. Metal was used then more often, so to avoid the miscalculation in navigation, coming from warping wood in the humid European climate.

Harlan Lord of Pennsa

The consummately elegant Lord Harlan, pulled out all the stops to charm Ambassador Trovere.

Sibbith Kane