SEE S2: Baba Voss,  Samurai Warrior

SEE S2 Baba Voss: Pennsan Council wear

SEE S2: Maghra's War Robes

Maghra's Royal Battle Armour. On the eve of the Battle between the Travantians and the Payans, a war which Sibeth had instigated with lies, Maghra was dressed and prepared to be along side her family and people. Tamacti Jun stops her from going, reminding her that her position as Queen, is best served staying behind at the palace. This costume was created in a matter of 9 hours. There was a change of plan & a super quick redesign & build had to happen. I gave each piece to a different artisan to work on to get it done in a timely fashion. Cutters cut, stitchers stitched furiously, crafters decorated, armourers built armour & the agers & dyers finished it off. As in true SEE style, radio parts, diodes, washers, electrical plates all were used in creating this look. It was an amazing thing to see, as it emerged from the workroom at the speed that it did. 20 odd people had a hand in completing this costume. Amazing crew

SEE S2: Queen Kane, Royal Wedding coat

Queen Kane’s wedding coat that she wears officiating the wedding between Maghra and Harlan. It is inspired by Erté and Fortuny with bias-cut velvet, Mongolian lamb fur cuffs and collar, decorated with ornate found-object trim. All the finery that Harlan’s fiefdom had to offer making this Dystopian Baroque at its finest. Every inch of this garment was hand-stitched.

See S2: Tamacti Jun, Ceremonial Ring Armour

Tamacti Jun's Ring Armour. It appears when he reappears to court, to let Queen Kane know that he is still alive. It's inspiration comes from the Mandala, a mystical geometric symbol represents the all-encompassing universe, it also represents unity & the circle of life, which Tamacti Jun finds difficult to complete, for himself/own death, and the deaths he caused of others and the guilt that now comes of these actions. He wears this with his original arm chainmail, as a nod to where he once came from in the past. On the back of the plate are more echos of Mandalas in a faint gold paint. Base layer costume is inspired by the Shaolin monks.

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